Bedroom Essentials that you require in 2021

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Still Confused as to how to setup your Bedroom. Here we bring you the Best inevitable bedroom essentials

Bedroom – a space in your dream home, different from other  corners is the favourite and the most utilized place in your house. Don’t know why? It’s because they are one of those spaces which define you and your comfort zone.

But when it comes to designing one – most people are confused with its interior. You should know that beside being just a sleeping room, it accommodates other feelings also. Regardless of your budget, style or requirement, there are some handpicks which are inevitable. These must-haves can be chosen as per your wish and space that you have in your room.

Items and requirements from a rug  to a comfy bed are inevitable. We have tried to consolidate all in one blog which will make your bedroom more relaxing and cozy.

Why struggle ? Here we recommend you hand picked items. If you are comfortable in hiring a good and experienced interior designer, please do but if you want it to DIY, here are tips to help.

We recommend you these bedroom essentials, if you want to design a bedroom yourself :-

A Cosy Layered Bedding

If you are determined to do something magical to your bedroom, the first and the foremost thing that comes to your mind will be a good stylish bed. Though we spend one third of our sleeping, is that not enough to select a comfortable yet stylish bed layered bedding for that. We prefer white velvet, you can choose it according to your room paint and as per your wife’s preference. There are various patterns available with simple designs. Using addons like multiple pillows or layered soft sheets will serve  your purpose of indulgence in this corner.

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A Comfortable Rug

A bedroom without a rug is the worst combination one could dream of. Selecting a rug can also be as difficult as choosing the right bridegroom. Selection should be made so as to fit into the theme or pattern of your bedrooms, especially the colour texture and the size as per your bed frame. Good rug will make you feel like the king of your bed space. So, never be hesitant in selecting a good one.

Curtains – that match your standards.

 A natural moonlight entering your window may be the best thing one could expect at 11Pm at night which will help you to understand your partner better. But is that the same case if it’s not moonlight but a street lamp or your neighbour’s porch light. No, it is not. You  can not compromise your personal space and time with such disturbance. So, the easiest way out is to get the best curtains for your windows that will help you sleep relaxed and better. The best combination can be the same color, texture or similar pattern of your wall paint, rug and pillows.

A Mirror – that can not lie!

A full size mirror? – Are you crazy? No friends! It is just a requirement  that can not be denied.

Yes, if you see that on the basic functional level – your bedroom is the only place which is always being used as your dressing room also. So, a good full size mirror will help you to check your looks from head to toe and tell you correctly- “Am I Correct?”

Also, such mirrors make your room look larger in size by – replicating the reflection of your room space. But if you are a light sleeper, please go for the darker shades.


From the even texture of your smoothly ordered bedroom, there should be something that contrasts out to give you a soothing look. Plants and flower are some companions which fill greenery in your mind and heart. It becomes so exciting when everyday you look at the plant, hoping it will bloom tomorrow. We don’t recommend a medium or big size one. Go for some small, cute saplings or even cacti plants. If you are short of space, then try some hanging ones.

Personal Decor

I have been carrying a scenery  frame for the last twelve years along with me as I travel from one place to another. It’s not only me. Everyone has some or other personal decor items  for others that may be as useless as a piece of wood. But it is not so for the owners. So feel free to buy your true feelings and showcase it in your room. This will add meaning to your living and will help you to concentrate better in other activities. It can be anything, a shelf full of books, a bottle of perfume or even an old traditional hand woven wall hanging. These things will add on living vibes to your room.


To make your room look best, correct lighting is the most important thing. And from correct lighting, I mean the evenness, contrast, brightness and colours. Think of only one light source in your room. Will you be able to get even light variation in all the corners of the room? No, so the recommendation is to have multiple lighting with a central control system. In entine day, you may require light at different intensities. One of the solutions is – Alexa or the Google Assistant with smart lighting.

Bedside table with a Lamp

Say it a bedside table or a nightstand – it is one of the essential requirements of your rooms. Lying in the bed with stretched arms, you can get apt space to keep a glass of water  or  your mobile phone. The perfection to a nightstand comes only when it has a proportionate combination of bedside space and a well styled surface with a comfortable height in comparison to your bed. As with this, you can not deny  a lamp to your bedside which will give you the self-reliance to switch on/off the lights as per your pleasure. 

A place to sit and ponder

Bedrooms can be added with a good bench with a comfy armrest chair. You always require your personal corner to read, write , ponder, relax and practice whatever you feel great in doing. For that you require a space to sit and discover . Such tables with even small storage will serve the purpose. Your pending office work or the genuine ideas that come overnight require this space to bring out the best out of you.

 Dressing Dresser

A dresser gives you plenty of hidden storage that is very well required if you live with your family and children. But while choosing one, you should not pick up anything from the market. Whatever style or shape you feel, you can buy that at your wish and fancy. It will help you in minimizing your clutter and keep you well organized. Size of it can be well managed with the in accordance to the size of your bedroom.

Your Inspiration

A fully well furnished bedroom structure,  at the last just requires a soul and heart. It is the inspiration that you seek forward in your life that gives you the strength to hold on even in your worst days. Be it your parents photograph, a movie star poster or a rich successful businessman quotes, you can keep anything of such kind. The whole idea is that you remember your motive or goal of life, be it short team or on a long run. Even a modern art piece serves the purpose as the viewer has the choice and freedom to bring out even the impossible dream out of it.

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