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Situated in the palm of the uncrowded location with a touch to the Rajaji National Park

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Why to spend lakhs and buy a house in Dehradun only?

Each of you knows Dehradun for its beauty. The beauty of hills and the mind rolling monasteries. And Ogal Bhatta, Subhash Nagar in Dehradun has its unique identity for its best accessibility, calmness and freedom of movement in a eco friendly location. Even though this location was developed years ago, still its marks on the map of Dehradun holds its utmost importance.

So, to buy a house in  Dehradun will never be a bad option, if you are thinking to hold some property in the prime locations.

Why buying a house in dehradun in 2021 is recommended?

Now a days, getting inside a city crowd and staying there is a havoc. It is a prime advise that one should purchase land and property on the outskirts of the city. This helps in easy access to all facilities and you are away from the daily crowd and pollution of he city.

Chandrabani & Subhash Nagar are situated on the outskirts of the city adjoining the Rajaji National Park which helps you to mingle out with nature and live a healthy life.

So the best way to invest your hard earned money is by purchasing a home in Dehradun. Even if you don’t want to stay there, you have a great option to convert it into Hostel or a AIRBNB Stay.

Dream Home brings you another option for you relating to your queries about buying a cheap house in Dehradun. A 2-BHK double storey house situated at Ogal Bhatta, Clement Town Dehradun. This house also offer you a varieties of accessibility options with most of the places and facilities at only half hour distance.

The location is unique in its kind and has the various locations as under:

  • ISBT –  2.5 Kms
  • Main Market Place –  Kms
  • Malls & other shopping areas – On route to Mussorie
  • Dehradun- Delhi highway –  1.2 Kms



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