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Here we have the new question for you : How to fail correctly ?

How to fail correctly ? There are always different ways and means to learn and fail. The most apt is to learn without failing. can that be done ? Yes, why not. The best way is to learn from others’ mistake. And if you are able to get even the pin point of that, you will surely succeed. Have you ever heard people being happy of failing? Yes, you heard it right – Happy of failing. Its an option that even the dumbest man on the earth can apply and find ways to his success. Have you ever wondered why people fear of Failing? If you read through this article you will find the correct ways to fail, learn and succeed.

Achieve Success

Why do people fear of Failing in their Lives ?

Since childhood, everyone has been taught the ways of getting close to your success. Not even one family on this mother earth, you will find will ever teach their child ways of failing. This entire gambit makes the people fear of failing. But have you ever seen a beggar struggling for his daily bread with two children and wife at home. he does not have time to care about failing to get money. His entire day goes without thinking that he is loosing time and tings in his life. He is just bothered about his todays bread. And tomorrow you will see him again in the same mode.

Fear arises when people set up expectations, whether from oneself or from a third individual, be it you family, children , your job, career, health business or anything else. And once people get separated from them , the fear in them goes worst which complicate the problem . No one in This world is so perfect that they achieve whatever they are pursuing for.

Shortcut to Success in Year 2021 !!

In the initial phase of my life, I was of the opinion that the success can only be achieved by working hard, but over a period of time and taking on multiple failure I realized that there is something more to it. Only hard work, dedication and destiny are not the factors for one’s success. The key ingredient discovered by me was ‘Smart Work’. The ability to cut short things in the correct and phased manner. You should have the urge and desire to identify and eliminate the undesirable part from the plan keeping future expectations in place. How to do that ? The best way is to see problem from outer space. Take your own sweet time with a cup of tea in a saucer, sit back and do not directly hit the problem.

Solution to every problem lies onto its outskirts. Just catch hold one side of the string, untie  it and proceed to the core area.

Even when you feel saturated while dealing during this and are stuck to notch of problem, leave it there for some time. Try to indulge yourself in other works. There will be one point of time in the entire day that will give you the answer to your problem. That’s the reason you should know how to fail correctly ?

When our oldies have defined the platform of success, then there should not be any doubt to give base to our failure because in life you will see that the patches of success are too small as compared to the length of failures.


Involve your Family in your Achievements

You can not balance everything in your life. Seldom will be the occasions when you will find that you are near to the optimum balance . But what does that mean? Keeping hold of life events tight will only make them fall off with no control over them and these shortcomings becomes the source of de-motivation in one’s life compelling him to leave the task. The best way is to keep you family motivated. They are the source of all energy in one’s life. If they are happy and supportive, you can achieve anything in your life. Even when you are at the most busy hour of the day, speaking to your family and comforting them, even though for only a moment or two, will help substantially in your walk to success.

Make an endeavor to involve your family and children to be a part of whatever you are doing. A sense of belongingness will sure help them and realizing the true facet of your target. This is the tested and tried way in all spheres of life. Trying this will only benefit you, only if you add emotions to it in the correct manner.

Why to only always walk in the Green Strip ?

There will always be an option with you to either walk on the green patch of success or try something different and instead of settling for less, achieve more in your life. The first option entails going to school, working hard, getting good grades & at last settle for something static in life. But, the latter option will teach you the life long lesson might or might not always help you grow big in your economic sphere but will definitely keep you higher than others.

Why do people fail

One more advice for the failing beginners,that once you reach to a level where you attain the option to succeed or not to succeed, you will find peace inside yourself. The reason can be well understood by the following example. People living in Dehradun (a developing city in India), often do not visit Mussoorie (a famous hill station at 25 Kms distance) just because they know that they can visit there any day they want but you can find people spending thousands and lakhs to visit Mussoorie from all around the globe.

So from this para, you learn as how to fail correctly and attain peace in your mind and soul.

Why is it Important to Fail Correctly ?

Everything in this world hold its importance. Even the smallest thing or the useless one follows the above rule. The importance of a thing or an individual is made by his character or the position he holds in society. Let’s take an example for that. The importance of a needle is well known to a tailor, and the importance of a sword is known to a warrior. But if you intermingle them with each other, these same don’t hold any importance to these people.

If you know how to fail correctly, you know the recipe of success. So, you need to be focused onto whatever you are doing. Make a endeavor to be the best in whatever field you are in. This will give you all loopholes in that sphere of business and knowing them all will grow you better than your subordinates.

Always remember that before upgrading or moving on to the next level in your field, become a Guru of the one you are working upon. So, fail correctly multiple times and become a Professional in that.

If you have any doubt or question, please let us know in the comment below. We will help you in finding the apt and optimum median to your problem. And if you a have some personal problems, you are most welcome with those. We assure that they will be kept secret !
Achieve Success

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